Behind The REAL Beauty Industry

SODIUM HYALURONATE. Look at at most of your “higher end” facial products and you’ll find this odd sounding ingredient. Sodium … salt. Hyaluronate? It is in so many products it must be fabulous. Right? It is a skin conditioner. PETA frowns upon it


Fyi Bronners contains…Potassium Hydroxide.
Potassium Hydroxide is a caustic inorganic base. So Bronners claiming to be organic is a lie…

Check a bottle of their “epic” castille soap. You’ll see in fine print how they use a chemical process to eliminate the inorganic ingredients they require to create their product. Simply put, it is the equivalency of a company claiming ‘FINAL PRODUCT NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS’. They never say nor do they deny that chemicals in their products haven’t tested on animals. They simply claim the final result was not tested.

These are companies sell products that millions and millions of dollars are spent annually. We trust that when they say something, it is true. We not only use their products on ourselves but we use their products on our children, pets, etc. For a company WE TRUST TO USE ON OUR CHILDREN AND PETS to BLATANTLY lie or attempt to paint themselves as “the good guys” should have us asking ourselves ONE question. If they are so willing to lie (for profit and name recognition) how should we, how can we, trust their products?

We cannot.

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